What is Cry Translator?

Cry Translator is an effective translator for baby crying, helping parents/baby care-givers to pay early and effective attention which can soothe a baby crying.

cry translator


These are the several sections of Cry Translator:

  1. State section: sleep, stress, hunger, discomfort and boredom.
  2. Microphone for crying receiving.
  3. Light that indicates crying is being listened.
  4. Button for playing maternal heart beating.
  5. Button for starting crying receive process.
  6. Button for playing lullabies.
  7. Power button.
  8. Speaker.


Mode of use

Cry Translator® helps to interpret infant crying and to respond adequately and rapidly to his/her needs.

  • The operation of Cry Translator is based on the analysis of the crying sounds. For correct operation background noise should be kept at a minimum.
  • Make sure you do not block the microphone and place it at less than 1 foot from the baby.
  • To start translation, place the device near the baby when he/she cries and touch the button number 5 in the picture above or Start (in iPhone version).
  • In less than three seconds (ten seconds in iPhone) an output will be given with the translation of the baby’s crying, relating to one of a number of states: hunger, sleep, discomfort, stress o simply bored.
  • If your baby is bored, discomfortable or sleepy, you can play lullabies or the heart beating sound with the buttons situated at left and right side of the start button (number 5 on picture).
  • In iPhone version, toaching over central zone of the screen or the corresponding icon, you will get some advices for treating this specific crying state.
  • If the device is placed too far from the baby or if background noise exists. In iPhone version you will receive an on-screen message indicating you should start a new translation.
  • Parents and care-givers should obtain medical advice if worried about their infants health or by excessive crying.