Cry Translator, welcome home

ct video

With the launch of the new website and the new version of Cry Translator portable we offer promotion of the same video. What do you think?

ct shape

Having your baby at home with you is always gratifying and we want to offer the best care and attention. In this video, reflecting the precious moments that are passed in family, Biloop has wanted to focus on what's really important: his / her peace of mind.

The Cry Translator portable is as a beautiful decorative element in the room, with a design in light and even fun colors for the learning of the baby.

Design seen from the front resembles a Russian doll and aside, a pregnant woman. Every detail of their construction is intended for security and peace of mind of parents as well as the baby. This new improved version indicates the reason for the tears in just 3 seconds.

For all the small, welcome home!