Clinical Study of Cry Translator

Dr. Antonio Portugal, renowned pediatrician and specialist developed for months a clinical study in your enquiry about the properties and the effectiveness of the Cry Translator.

You can read the study in our section of Testimonials > Experts Opinion

These are some of the explanations that the Doctor approaches in his study:

Crying is the result of coordination between different regions of the brain. In that same region is also controlled breathing and the vibration of the vocal cords.

Correlations between the types of crying have also been established in the newly born (characteristics - acoustic features) and the acoustic characteristics of the language of adults.

Evidence shows that a baby who feels treated correctly develops a security in itself and to caregivers who affects a greater and better emotional growth. There are studies that relate this improvement in the emotional growth of the baby to an increase, that will accompany him throughout life, the IQ.

We recommend the reading of this study for those who are interested in clinical trials testing the effectiveness and functioning of the Cry Translator. In addition, can see the videos with the interview Dr. Portugal in our section of Testimonials > Television or in our Channel of YouTube.